Yinli Wang

Yinli_1-copyYinli Wang

Australian National University


Yinli is a second year student who is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Philosophy in Science in the Australian National University. Her academic interests include Statistical Modelling, Applied Mathematics and Epidemiology. She just completed a project ‘Mathematical Modelling in Measles and Evaluation of Vaccination’ with Dr. Kathryn Glass from the National Centre of Epidemiology and Population Health.

Outside of academia, Yinli is also interested in music, and is a Guzheng player (Guzheng is a Chinese traditional instrument).

Modelling Surface Water Flow In The Lower Campaspe Catchment

As part of a larger integrated project, this project will focus on developing a model of daily flows at selected sites below Lake Eppalock using a transfer function approach. This will take into account releases from the dam, inflows from tributaries as well as transport along the main river. The model will be developed in the Source platform developed by eWater. Source is the current industry standard for hydrological modelling by state agencies in Australia. Ultimately, the model will be used as part of an integrated model looking at social, economic and ecological considerations of water resource management in the catchment.

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