William Stewart

Stewart_WilliamWilliam Stewart

The University of Melbourne


Will is currently completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematical Physics at the University of Melbourne. His course has allowed him to develop his passion for problem solving and applying it to real world problems. Next year he plans to continue improving his analytical skills through a Masters of Mathematics majoring in Applied Mathematics. He is also interested in the application of these skills in physical situations such as quantum teleportation and economic theory. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the outdoors as well as running and competitive sport.

Benchmarking A Novel Electromagnetic Scattering Method

Our group has developed a novel, robust and efficient method of studying electromagnetic scattering phenomenon. The method is based on a new formulation of the boundary integral method in which the usual singularities have been removed analytically that can provide high precision in numerical computations with simple algorithms.  As part of this program, there is an opportunity for a student with strong background and interest in differential equations, vector calculus, special functions and methods in mathematical physics as well a knowledge of electrodynamics to help implement the efficient evaluation of analytical benchmark results.

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