Todd Neve

NeveTodd Neve

The University of Melbourne


Todd is a student at the University of Melbourne. He is in his final year of an undergraduate degree in Science with a major in Mathematical Physics. Over January he will be applying what he has learnt to research the Ising model, a mathematical model of ferromagnetism in statistical mechanics.

He hopes to continue studying at the University of Melbourne next year, undertaking a Masters in Mathematics and Statistics with a specialisation in Mathematical Physics.

Spanish language is another one of his passions, which he has also been able to study during my undergraduate degree. Earlier this year he was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Walter Mangold trust fund to study on exchange at the Autonomous University of Madrid. In Madrid he studied renewable energy science, statistical physics and probability.

Partition Function Zeros And The Ising Model In A Field

The Ising model is one of the fundamental models of statistical physics. Much is yet unknown about this model in a magnetic field. The aim is to study the properties of this model by studying the distribution of the partition function zeros.

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