Tingyu Mao

Tingyu MaoTingyu Mao

The University of New South wales


Tingyu Mao is currently an undergraduate student in the Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University, China. He will be awarded his Bachelors Degree in 2016. He is currently studying pure maths and is interested in both pure and applied mathematics. More specifically, he is working on a project about support vector machine with Dr. Guoyin Li and trying to do some research concerning the maximal p-negative for different norms with Professor Ian Doust.

Maximal p-negative type for different norms on R^3 

The maximal p negative type of a metric space is a number that arises in questions concerning ways in which you can embed the space into a standard normed space. But how to calculate it is under no circumstance an easy work. Since Doust, Weston and Sanchez have just developed the new techniques of this calculation, I would like to explore if it is possible to apply this technique to solve much more problems in different metric spaces. Hopefully I’ll finish these above and develop deeper as well as adapt the techniques to cover a wider range of such metrics.

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