Timothy Tillman

Tillman_TimothyTimothy Tillman

The University of Newcastle


Timothy is due to complete a Bachelor of Mathematics at the end of 2015, with a major in pure mathematics.  He has always been interested in the physical world, he was originally enrolled in electrical engineering, from which he transferred to mathematics seeking to be exposed to mathematical ideas he only touched on in engineering. Even before he began engineering he read all the course descriptions in the mathematics program with great interest, never suspecting he would eventually study those courses.

Timothy is interested in how abstract mathematics can be used to describe the world in unexpected ways, particularly using topological vector spaces. He also like problem solving and proving things, which are a motivating factor in his study.

Unicellularity Of Shift Operators

This project concerns the family of shift operators on a Banach space, and asks whether they are unicellular, which means that they share with Jordan blocks the property that their invariant subspaces are totally ordered. This project attempts to address the question of the unicellularity of these operators on this space by reducing a test of whether a function in the space belongs to a non-trivial invariant subspace to the asymptotics of a sequence of linear programming problems.

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