Shmuli Bloom

Shmuli BloomShmuli Bloom

Monash University


Shmuli Bloom is completing his B.Sc in Mathematics at Monash University in 2015, and is planning to undertake exchange at the University of Nottingham in his final semester, before either completing a mathematics honours year at Monash or progressing to a M.Sc in Mathematics at the University of Melbourne. He has surveyed a broad range of mathematics in his undergraduate degree, applied and pure mathematics as well as statistics. He has a particular fondness for analysis and statistics, although he is generally fond of all mathematics he has encountered and will be doing research in Algebraic Geometry for the AMSI Summer Vacation Scholarship.

The geometry of sums of powers decompostions.

To investigate the algebra and the geometry of sum of powers decompositions. More specifically, to determine  the Waring rank of the sum of two binary monomials.

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