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The University of Melbourne


Shane Henry will be graduating with the Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) & Concurrent Diploma in Mathematics & Statistics (Statistics/Stochastic Processes) from The University of Melbourne after Semester 1 2016. He intends to continue his studies at Melbourne at the Masters level, most likely in the Statistics & Stochastic Processes area. He is proud of his achievements in mathematics at Melbourne so far, maintaining a H1+ average, and hopes this success will transfer into his research.

Early in Shane’s mathematics studies at Melbourne, he was more focused on the Applied Mathematics area, but he has changed his focus towards Statistics & Stochastic Processes, which he is really enjoying now, and he is looking forward to completing this major in 2016. Shane find that the real world maths applications in statistics is fascinating. The AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship program is his first taste of research, and he is really excited to start work on this project, and looking forward to hopefully some great results.

Forecasting Fire Bugs

Although less common than electricity and lightning caused bushfire, human caused bushfire is typically more impactful as it occurs in populous areas. There is a belief in the bushfire management community that most arson occurs a few hundred metres down a side road off a major road. In this project we will analyse this belief using data on road networks and bushfire ignition points.

Following on from this we will extract a sub network that is more strongly associated with human caused bushfire ignition ___ both arson and negligence. This sub network will then be used with another model to help forecast human caused bushfire ignition.

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