Sarah Gazelle

SGazelleSarah Gazelle

RMIT University


Sarah Gazelle is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) at RMIT University in Melbourne. Her major is Information Security and she is excited to complete her honours in Mathematics in 2016. Sarah is particularly interested in the application of differential equations and that is why she chosen to research the Bertalanffy population model for her AMSI project.

The Von Bertalanffy Population Model Applied In Tumour Growth Modelling

The Gompertz population model has been used to represent the growth of tumour cells. Recently, it has been found the Bertalanffy population model is preferable to represent tumour growth. This project will investigate the Bertalanffy population model with positive constant coefficients and coefficients which vary with time. This will be done by using methods of perturbations, multi-timing techniques and numerical techniques. Results calculated using these techniques will be examined and compared for accuracy and definition of trends.

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