Student Profile: Sam Schneider

Sam Schneider

Monash University


Sam is a fourth year student at Monash University, studying dual bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Science. His interests lie in data science and big data analytics.

Neural Networks: Algorithms and Applications

The goal of this project is to study and improve the optimisation algorithms that are used in deep neural network implementations, and test the improved algorithms on several real-life problems. We will investigate the stochastic gradient descent (SGD) method and will consider methods of variance reduction and second-order versions to accelerate convergence. This will be considered in the TensorFlow framework [1], which is an open source software library that was originally developed by Google researchers and engineers for the purposes of conducting deep neural networks research. We will test the improved algorithms on applications such as the classification of electron microscope images of biological molecules, natural language processing for artificial intelligence, and other related areas.

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