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The University of Adelaide


Russell Edson is a student of the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics/Pure Mathematics.

His main research interests include linear algebra, differential equations, and dynamical systems. He also has a strong passion for the more computation-oriented areas of mathematics, such as numerical methods, scientific computing, and the design and analysis of algorithms.

He is an open-source software contributor, able to program fluently in over a dozen programming languages (including C, C++, Fortran, and multiple dialects of Lisp). He particularly enjoys developing software to model physical systems and explore mathematical ideas.

He plans to continue his study of applied mathematics at the postgraduate level, commencing his Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics in 2016.

Cartilage Biomechanics: Multi-Scale Modelling, Analysis And Scientific Computing

My research plan is to develop an experimentally guided, polyelectrolyte gel-swelling, multi-scale model, mimicking articular cartilage; with Dr. S. Sircar and Prof. A. J. Roberts. Using this model, we will develop an understanding as to how electromechanical cues (the local configuration of fixed negative charges, mobile counter-ions, dynamic loading and growth factors) affect the repair activities of cartilage tissue.

We aim to investigate:

1. the local ionic configuration in an unconfined gel environment;

2. the role of applied mechanical load and physical movements;

3. the role of growth factors in articular cartilage repair.

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