Rhiannon Kirby

RKirbyRhiannon Kirby

Monash University


Rhiannon Kirby is currently studying as an undergraduate at Monash University. In 2016, she will commence her fourth year of a double degree in Aerospace Engineering and Science, majoring in applied mathematics. She has developed a broad interest in mathematical modelling of natural processes, numerical analysis, and a particular fondness for fluid flows. She aims to continue expanding her knowledge in areas of differential equations, fluid dynamics, and numerical techniques, whilst applying these theoretical skills in the more practical context of an engineering degree. Rhiannon looks forward to an engaging summer investigation with physical significance, examining the spatial interactions of mosquito populations.

Spatial Interactions Of Infected Mosquito Populations

Researchers at Monash lead the Eliminate Dengue project, which aims to prevent Dengue Fever by releasing mosquitoes infected with the Wolbachia bacteria into the wild. This bacteria is transferred to the wild population, reducing transmission of dengue. The project aims to use a simple competing species model with spatial diffusion of species to investigate the interaction of an infected population of introduced mosquitoes with a wild population. The project will investigate interactions in a homogeneous environment, the effect of inhomogeneities such as topography, and possibly investigate the effect of the introduction of a third species.

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