Student Profile: Phuong Tran

Phuong Tran 

Queensland University of Technology


Phuong Tran is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Mathematics, majoring in Statistical Science. Phuong has a strong interest in research and applying research to improving real world applications.

In the summer of 2015, Phuong completed a vacation research project with the Science and Engineering Faculty of the Queensland University of Technology. Phuong also delivered a ten-month industry based research project with the Bank of Queensland in 2016 and was awarded with three research scholarships in the same year.

Apart from being very hardworking and proactive in both her academic and professional development, Phuong devotes much of her time towards helping new students to integrate successfully into the university environment, as well as building a vibrant campus culture for all students.

Statistical Methods for Accelerometer Data

Accelerometer data can be used to help predict what types of activities are being performed and to estimate the amount of energy expenditure. This information is important in, for example, children with various disorders that affect their movement ability. However, the statistical analysis of such data is not trivial for practitioners in exercise science. This project is devoted to the development and the translation of statistical methods for accelerometer data so that they can be understood and applied by practitioners.

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