Peter Wreford

Peter Wreford

Peter Wreford

RMIT University


Peter Wreford completed the Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) at RMIT University in 2014. During his bachelor degree he was awarded the CSIRO First Year Mathematics 2012 Prize, the Biarri Second Year Mathematics 2013 Prize and the Biarri Third Year Mathematics 2014 Prize. He was also awarded the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences Prize 2013 for the best undergraduate student from the school in their penultimate year of study and placed on the Vice Chancellors List for Academic Excellence in 2014.

Prior to studying mathematics Peter gained a Bachelor of Commerce (Degree with Honours) from the University of Melbourne and worked as an economist at the Productivity Commission.

In 2016 he will be doing the Honours year at RMIT University. He is interested in applied mathematical research, particularly where he can use his statistical and programming skills. The topic for his vacation research scholarship is, “Analysis of vector dissimilarity measures to build gene networks from chickpea expression data.

Analysis Of Vector Dissimilarity Measures To Build Gene Networks From Chickpea Expression Data

Sequencing genetic material is one thing, interpreting it and understanding the role that each gene plays is quite another. The research component of this project is to firstly represent RNA-sequencing count data as a gene-to-gene interaction network by constructing vector dissimilarity measures that capture whether one gene is up- or down-regulating another gene. This provides a basis to use graph matching to compare the gene interaction networks of strains of chick-pea plants where some of the plants have been subjected to water stress. In this way we can compare the genetics of drought-resistant strains of chick-pea with sensitive strains

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