Student Profile: Olivia Michael

Olivia Michael 

Western Sydney University


Olivia is a third year student at Western Sydney University studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematical Science. She hopes that the AMSI will give her a taste of how research life would be as she intends to pursue an Honours degree in Mathematics next year. Aside from academics, she enjoys traveling and experiencing new things as well as improving on her current skill set. She was nominated to attend the Capp (Community Awareness of Policing Program) in 2015, which is designed for young influential youth and leaders from their communities to learn about policing and return to guide their community. 

Representation Learning for Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments

This project will be using data from an abstract robot simulation, RoboCup simulation league, where two teams of 11 robots play soccer against each other. In this simulation, robots are part of a dynamic environment where they “see” a part of the soccer field, with a number of landmarks, and possibly the ball and other robots. For close-by robots, this also includes information about team and uniform number; for robots that are further away, this information is missing. We will investigate different neural network architectures, with the goal to find out how to best learn a representation that allows for an accurate reconstruction of the current state of the environment.

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