Student Profile: Oliver Clemenston

Oliver Clemenston 

Swinburne University of Technology


Oliver Clementson has just completed his second year of a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) with a minor in Advanced Physics at Swinburne University of Technology. He is interested in using mathematical equations (particularly differential equations) and models to predict trends and movements in real world systems.

In 2015 Oliver was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship for Science as a result of his Year 12 results, as well as the Merbein and District Community Bank Branch Scholarship for his academic merit as well as his community involvement and leadership qualities. Oliver has also been chosen to partake in the Swinburne Future Leaders Program, which is offered to the University’s highest performing students from each discipline.

Oliver was born in the country town of Mildura and grew up in Birdwoodton, roughly 600km away from Melbourne. It was through his relationship with his teachers at Mildura Senior College that he developed the passion for Mathematics that he displays today. Oliver also enjoys music and playing football and basketball.

Time delays in gene expression

In this project, we aim at investigating the effect of the distributed time delays, including both transcriptional and translational time delays, on dynamics of the model for a gene expression process known as genetic toggle switch. The model has rich dynamics even in the absence of time delays.

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