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Norah FinnNorah Finn

RMIT University


Norah Finn will be undertaking her Honours in Statistics in 2015 at RMIT. She has just graduated from her Bachelor of Science¬†¬† (Statistics) in 2014. For Norah’s project, she will be working with the Australian Wheelchair Rugby Team to investigate workload training. The purpose of this will be to determine how players are performing in competition in comparison to training.

This project follows from Norah’s passion for Sports Statistics. She has previously undertaken a work placement with Port Melbourne Victorian Football League team compiling game day statistics, and also completed a small project for the Australian Football League (AFL) during the course of her Undergraduate Degree.

Workload and Performance – The Development and Application of Predictive Models for the Australian Wheelchair Rugby Team

RMIT University in collaboration with the AIS/Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is investigating linking spatial information with in-play data for its impact and relevance spatial information and movement in conjunction with descriptive statistics. What has emerged from this is the desire to link workload in training to work load in matches from the coaching and performance analysis staff. Coaches are keen to improve training methods to replicate game day scenarios.This project is about building models for the purpose of determining how players are performing in competition in comparison to training. Workload and performance data obtained by the research team shall be used by myself to analyse and fit both existing draft models, and development of new prediction of game workload.I shall look at the usefulness of existing spatial and statistical data outlining training and match performance. I shall gain experience in using baseline sports modelling processes to determine the best approach to prediction of match performance for each athlete based upon training workloads. I shall build a model that is effective for use post-match analytics. This is a live project with the approach looking to feed into this broader area. I shall work with players, coaches, and the research team to develop my modelling skills and build upon my strong skills in sports modelling.

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