Student Profile: Nicholas Liu

Nicholas Liu 

The University of Melbourne


Nicholas Liu is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the University of Melbourne majoring in Physics, with a Diploma in Applied Mathematics. He completed his Bachelors degree under the Chancellors Scholars Program due to his 99.95 ATAR. He is interested in a variety of fields, from theoretical physics to applied mathematics and even aspects of chemistry. This interest was developed through various small research assignments during his degree in chemistry (2015), physics (2016) and maths (2016). The chemistry project focused on the effect of various solvents on photochemical upconversion, the physics project focused on the behaviour of molybdenum disulfide during exfoliation and the maths project focused on modifying the Navier Stokes equations to include a non-constant viscosity. His current research focuses on using novel computational methods to solve the Boltzmann equations for rarefied gas flow.

When outside the world of academics, Nicholas enjoys ice skating and playing the saxophone.

Monte Carlo Simulation of Low Mach Number Oscillatory Couette Flow and Applications

Modelling of low Mach number oscillatory fluid flow around nanoscale devices is most accurately performed using the Boltzmann equation due to the breakdown of the continuum assumption. Following the example of Ladiges and Sader (2015), a deviational frequency-domain Monte Carlo method using the Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook collision operator was reproduced to simulate the velocity profile of oscillatory Couette flow, with an aim to simulate oscillatory motion normal to the planes.

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