Naijian (Eric) Shen

Eric ShenNaijian (Eric) Shen

The University of Melbourne


My name is Eric Shen and I have just finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics at The University of Melbourne.

I was first exposed to mathematical research in 2013 when I received a department summer research scholarship and have been assisting project on fluid dynamics since then.

From my undergraduate studies and research experience, I am particularly interested in the field of continuum mechanics and stochastic process. Naturally I hope I will be able to explore more of these topics in my future study and work.

Vibration of a thin rectangular cantilever plate in viscous fluid

The aim of this project is to develop an analytic model that describes the vibration of a thin rectangular cantilever plate vibrating in a viscous fluid.A college at Imperial College London has developed a promising theoretical guide to solve this problem analytically but it has been tested and discrepancies were found between his prediction and numerically simulations. It is therefore worth investigating the flaws in the existing theory and secondly development of the solutions to incorporate more types of boundary conditions. An expected outcome is to fully understand the plate’s motion and its effects on the fluid analytically. For example it is useful to model the fixed end of the plate as a virtual clamp, or a vertical barrier wall, both of which will have profound practical implications in terms of sensor design.

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