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My name is Mi Do.  I graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a BSc (Mathematics) in 2014. My specialisation is Information Security. My supervisor is Dr Stelios Georgiou. My project is about linear codes over large alphabets (other than binary).

I’ve always been interested in sciences, especially mathematics. Mathematics itself is very interesting and beautiful. Other than that it is the essential tool for physics, chemistry and computer science. Though I don’t want to limit myself, at the moment, my ultimate interest is in Information Security, particularly in coding and cryptography.

It might be a coincidence that the initial of my name is the letter M, the only two things that can make me want to wake up every morning are mathematics and music.

Linear codes over large alphabets

Self-orthogonal and self-dual codes are two popular classes of linear codes that possess desirable properties. Codes on alphabets with more than two elements are of particular mathematical interest and seems to find applications in quantum computers. A simple and effective way of building high-distance linear codes is to use circulant or block-circulant matrices.  The scholar will suitably modify the existing software and attempt to generate self-dual codes with high minimum distance over finite fields. They will try to answer the following question:a.Are there any new self-dual codes over finite fields, with specific parameters and “good” minimum distances derived from the modified methods?b.What is the best distance that can be found for specific self-dual codes over finite fields of prime order?

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