Student Profile: Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott

La Trobe University


Melissa is currently a third-year student at La Trobe University. She is due to complete a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the end of 2016, combining her two passions of Medical Sciences and Statistics as a double major. Melissa hopes to continue studying, with plans to complete an honours year in Bioinformatics and post-graduate qualifications in Epidemiology.

Outside of her academic life, Melissa enjoys traveling and attending the theatre.

Statistical Challenges and Approaches in Analysis of Small-RNA Sequencing Data

The project will focus on developing a novel method to analyse Small-RNA sequencing data generated through Next-gen sequencing. This method will account for the tendency of smaller RNA molecules to align to multiple regions of the reference genome, which is currently not considered in the standard approach as implemented in software such as DESeq or edgeR. The project will rely on bioinformatic and statistical analysis using simulated datasets as well as a real dataset created during an investigation of Alzheimer’s disease in mice.

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