Luke Ginn

LGinnLuke Ginn

Queensland University of Technology


Luke Ginn was born in Australia, Brisbane in 1994. He’s currently studying a double bachelor degree of mathematics and chemistry at Queensland University of Technology. His current research interests are involving mathematical modelling of systems involving chemistry, such as lithium ion batteries. He’s received a summer scholarship at Queensland University of Technology in Organic Chemistry. He’s received a summer scholarship with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute in Mathematics.

Mathematical Modelling Of Battery Electrodes

Batteries are at the heart of today’s portable technology devices, and the development of high power density batteries for use in electric vehicles is one of the most significant open research areas of our times. In this project we will: ¬†(i) consider various established models for battery electrodes with a view to understanding how they were developed, (ii) look to apply systematic order reduction methods to simplify some of these models to a form that is amenable to simple numerical computation and/or analytic solution, and (iii) obtain solutions to these reduced order models and to then evaluate these solutions against experimental data

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