Student Profile: Leonard Whitehead

Leonard Whitehead

Federation University


Leonard is a current second year undergraduate student of Federation University Australia, studying Mathematical Science & Education, where he strenuously pursues mathematical knowledge and excellence. His research interests lie in the area of Optimization and its current and future practical applications.

For his recent time spent at Federation University, he has made efforts in communicating and collaborating with his lecturers to further his knowledge in mathematical science. Leonard has also undertaken study in engineering for his physics minor, which has played a role in his interest for practical applications in his research field. He has also made various efforts in his role as a pre-teacher, for which he has undergone his first placement at Damascus College at Ballarat and takes an active role as a volunteer tutor in physics and mathematical subjects for fellow undergraduate students.

Leonard enjoys playing card games, reading books, jogging, hiking, spending time with his friends, is a connoisseur of chocolate and is a keen to-be world traveler.

Visualization of subdifferentials

We are going to produce a collection of illustrative examples for future use in publications on subdifferential calculus.

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