Lachlan Bubb

Lachlan BubbLachlan Bubb

The University of Adelaide


Lachlan Bubb is currently a 3rd Year student at The University of Adelaide completing a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences. Upon completion in December 2014, he wishes to continue further postgraduate study with a Honours/Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His areas of interest include Markov chains in stochastic modelling and statistical inference.

A study of Epidemiological models, with particular focus on estimation of R0 for Ebola Virus Disease

We plan to use applied mathematics (continuous-time Markov chains) and statisticalmethods (Bayesian MCMC methods) to investigate and compare different epidemiological models and their appropriate applications, and learn about their limitations. This includes but is not limited to: how said models are constructed and how parameters are estimated, including the Basic Reproduction Number.

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