Student Profile: Lachlan Bridges

Lachlan Bridges

The University of Adelaide


Lachlan Bridges is from Adelaide, South Australia and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Mathematics. He is on track to complete this at the end of 2016, with a double major in applied mathematics and statistics. Lachlan began studying physics in 2014, but later realised that his true passion was in applied mathematics, and more specifically probability. In 2017, Lachlan hopes to undertake further research through a Master of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics.

The Effect of Boundary Constraints on Markov-Modulated Diffusion Processes

Markov-modulated diffusion processes are random processes which arise as solutions to stochastic differential equations in which the drift and diffusion coefficients are modulated by an underlying Markov chain. The aim of this project is to ascertain what effects may arise as a result of applying different types of boundary constraints to these models. We will use both analytic and numerical methods.

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