Student Profile: Kim Becker

Kim Becker 

The University of Adelaide


Kim Becker completed the first year and a half of her mathematics degree at the University of Sydney, upon transferring to the University of Adelaide where she will finish her degree. Kim plans to undertake a Masters in pure mathematics at the University of Adelaide after which she hopes to complete her PhD. In her spare time, Kim enjoys jigsaw puzzles, cross-stitching, and spending time outdoors. 

How To Assemble Simplicial Sets

In this project we will study some problems in the theory of simplicial sets. We will be particularly interested in the way that products of simplicial sets are formed. This is an abstract analog of the familiar cartesian product X × Y of topological spaces X and Y. We shall mainly use some techniques from the subject of category theory to try and investigate these problems. We shall also try and compare this abstract approach with the more concrete approach in terms of CW complexes.

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