Student Profile: Julia Lynch

Julia Lynch

The University of Queensland


Julia is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Queensland, studying a Bachelor of Science with a major in mathematics. She spent the second semester of 2015 on exchange at UC Berkeley, where she studied computability theory, algebra and measure theory. During this time, she also participated in the directed reading program, studying set theory under the supervision of a graduate student. This piqued her interest in set theory and logic, driving her to undertake an AMSI research project in this area.

Forcing and set-theoretic geology

The aim of this project is to develop an understanding of forcing and its application to consistency and independence proofs, such as that of the continuum hypothesis. From here, concepts in set-theoretic geology will be explored, including the interactions of the ground axiom and bedrock axiom with assertions about the existence of measurable and supercompact cardinals. This will lead towards an understanding of open problems in the area of set-theoretic geology.

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