Joshua Cameron


Joshua Cameron

Monash University


Joshua is a third year student about to begin honours at Monash University. He has just finished the Bachelor of Science (Science Scholars Program) attaining a double major in Applied Mathematics, and a Major in Physics. He is primarily interested in using his Mathematical knowledge in the modelling and understanding of physical situations and phenomena, and plans to continue this into honours and further.

Previously, he received a Summer Research Scholarship during the 2014/15 holidays, and completed a project in Stellar astrophysics, and this helped fuel his thirst for research. Outside of university Joshua is interested in music, particularly playing the drums.

The Role Of Concurrent Relationships In Disease Spread

Investigating the effects that the presence of relationship concurrency has on the spread of diseases, such as HIV. Particularly the magnitude of the effect that people with multiple concurrent partners will have on the spread of these diseases. This will be undertaken  using recently developed methods, to carefully analyze the spread of the disease through various populations with different amounts of concurrent relationships occurring.

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