Student Profile: Jacob Crawford

Jacob Crawford 

The University of Newcastle


Jacob is a student at the University of Newcastle and is currently enrolled in a bachelor of science/mathematics with majors in physics and pure maths. He is interested in research in areas of physics such as quantum mechanics and cosmology and hopes to be involved in these in the future. He is also interested in music and art and hopes to pursue these hobbies along with science and maths. After the completion of his bachelors degree Jacob would like to apply for honours and eventually a PHD scholarship in physics.

Hamiltonian-Laceability in Honeycomb Toroidal Graphs

Pan-cyclic refers to a graph which has the property of containing cycles of every possible length. A graph that is bipartite is Hamiltonian-laceable if there exists a Hamiltonian path from any vertex in one part to any vertex in another part. The basis of this project is to study the Honeycomb Toroidal Graph (a Cayley Graph) and how it is related to the pan-cyclic property known as Hamiltonian-laceability.

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