Haris Sahovic

HSahovicHaris Sahovic

Monash University


Haris Sahovic is a French and Bosnian exchange student at Monash University, Melbourne. He has decided to spend his final year of undergraduate study in Australia. In France, he is enrolled in a Dual Bachelors Degree between Paris-1 Panthon Sorbonne University and Sciences Po, in Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences, where he should graduate in 2016. He is therefore particularly interested in areas allowing him to combine his mathematical skills with his will to have a direct impact on society, such as epidemiology.

His research project will aim at modelling the emerging of diseases, in order to understand what data policy makers need to optimise their decision, and how this data might be collected at early stages of an epidemic. Indeed, the apparition in recent years of several diseases such as SARS, Ebola or MERS, as well as other less-mediatized diseases, have underlined the necessity of defining efficient public health strategies to answer adequately to this threats.

What Do We Need To Know To Respond To The Next Emerging Disease?

Despite the emergence in recent years of diseases such as Ebola, A/H1N1 and SARS, public health response to epidemics remains imperfect, partially because of lack of valuable data. Using mathematical models of different epidemic scenarios, this project aims at identifying necessary data for optimising public health strategy against diseases, especially at early stages of an epidemic.

Building such models, identifying the key parameters to estimate, and proposing methods of estimation of these parameters are the main goals of this project.

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