Hamish Thorburn

Hamish ThorburnHamish Thorburn

The University of Queensland


Hamish is a recently graduate of the University of Queensland, having completed a dual program of Science/Arts, majoring in mathematics and statistics. His main interests involve the areas of applied mathematics, in particular in the areas of statistics and operations research. Throughout his degree, Hamish has gained experience performing research as an undergraduate, with projects covering computational neuroscience and statistical analysis of Queensland Health datasets. His work on Queensland Health was completed as part of a CSIRO CCI vacation scholarship (awarded in 2013), and was later presented at the 2014 Health Informatics Conference. In 2015, Hamish will complete his honours year for his BSc. His project, entitled Mathematic Models for Cricket is based around using operations research techniques to select an optimal cricket team from a subset of players. Hamish hopes that his AMSI research can be used as a launching point for this project.

Mathematical Models for Cricket

The project will be primarily based in operations research. Specifically, it will be based on the paper Applying Genetic Algorithm to Select an Optimal Cricket Team by Sathya and Jamal. The authors use a genetic algorithm to select an optimal cricket team from a pool of potential players. Details of the fitness function and selection Criteria will be given in the paper. As part of a project for an assignment, I will have already attempted to implement the algorithm outlined in the paper.

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