Student Profile: Fei Lu

Fei Lu 

RMIT University


Fei Lu is a mathematics student in RMIT University. She is interested in pure mathematics, especially geometry and discrete mathematics. Besides her major, Fei has a hobby of making paper-folding polytopes and floral globes. Origami inspired her a lot in finalising the research topic with her supervisor.

Before pursuing her bachelor degree, Fei graduated from Mahindra United World College of India. Through the two-year IBDP courses in MUWCI, Fei studied both Math HL and Further Math, and finished an extended essay about mathematics.

In RMIT, Fei started her college life with basic calculus and statistics. She was impressed by how mathematics is applied in such a great number of fields, and a career in mathematics is her now-and-always dream. She attended AMSI summer school in January 2016, only after her first year. Managing to pass the exam of Projective Geometry, she believed that she could do even more.

Unfoldings of Polytopes

Convex polytopes are convex hulls of finitely many points. Mathematicians have already found examples on non convex polytopes that have overlapping unfoldings only, and also that some convex sets have overlapping unfoldings. Nevertheless, the conjecture that all convex polytopes have non-overlapping unfoldings remains unproved. This problem is known as Dürer conjecture, first constructed by German artist, Albrecht Dürer.

Our project will study geometry of polytope unfoldings thoroughly, with a special focus on Dürer’s conjecture. We plan to do a systematic research on unfoldings of polytopes with existing discoveries and expect to make a new progress if possible.

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