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The University of Sydney


Eric Hester is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Sydney, having completed his third year of a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) degree. Majoring in mathematics and physics, he intends to continue his studies next year in an applied maths honours project following on from his vacation research scholarship.

The project seeks to exploit the powerful Dedalus computer code, developed in part by his supervisor Prof. Vasil, to model and understand the Dead Water phenomenon, in which vessels experience retarded motion in water of varying density. While he is primarily motivated by the computational science and fluid mechanics aspects of the project, his interests also extend to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics, partial and ordinary differential equations, and applied mathematics generally.

Having graduated as Dux of Kingsgrove North High School in 2012, Eric has continued his record of academic achievement into university, garnering multiple scholarships and completing projects on knot theory and quantum renormalisation group maps as part of the Special Studies Program.

Studies Of Dead Water In Stratified Fluids

We will investigate the dynamics of dead water with a mixture of simulations and analytical methods. The simulations will use the highly efficient Dedalus code. We will also incorporate the novel immersed-boundary method for representing a boat hull. The analytical portion will consider nonlinear wave equation models of interfacial motions.

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