Emma Johnston

EJohnstonEmma Johnston

Queensland University of Technology


Emma Johnston is an undergraduate student in the School of Mathematics at Queensland University of Technology. She is interested in computational and applied mathematics, particularly numerical analysis and mathematical modelling and simulation. She has been consistently admitted to the Deans List of Students with Excellent Academic Performance. 

Emma is motivated by the power of maths to solve and enhance our understanding of challenging problems. After completing a faculty vacation research project last in 2014/15, she is very keen to pursue further research. Emma is also passionate about maths education and dedicates much of her time to volunteer and private tutoring. Outside of study, Emma is strongly interested in eating, both competitively and recreationally.

Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Models For Anisotropic, Heterogeneous Media

In certain biological tissue, such as brain white and grey matter, diffusion is observed to be anisotropic and anomalous, with the diffusion tensor and anomalous diffusion coefficient variable in space.  This project will involve implementing and analysing fractional reaction-diffusion models suitable for such environments, with an emphasis on mitigating the high computational cost often associated with non-local discretisations, particularly in higher dimensions.  Mathematical topics involved in this challenging project include fractional calculus, matrix functions, numerical analysis and computational methods for partial differential equati

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