Student Profile: Elliot Catt

Elliot Catt 

The University of Newcastle


Elliot began his academic career in 2014, when he enrolled in a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle. After one year of study he was awarded the CARMA Summer Research Scholarship, in which he completed a summer project with Jon Borwein and Michael Coons, ultimately resulting in a publication in the field of number theory. Soon after Elliot join the NUbots robotics research laboratory and began working with them, alongside his studies.

After his second-year Elliot was awarded the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Vacation Scholarship, in which he worked on a project with Mike Meylan, on partial differential equations to model the vibration of ice shelves, their work resulted in a paper which is currently under review. In his third-year Elliot spent the first semester at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on exchange, there he gained a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of topics from digital forensics to intelligent agents. After returning from Singapore, Elliot worked with the NUbots laboratory and went to Leipzig in Germany to attend the annual Robocup conference and compete in the Robocup competition.

During the final semester of his degree, Elliot completed a research project with Stephan Chalup on Deep Learning, and is helping to write a joint paper with the Interdisciplinary Machine Learning Research Group. After this summer, Elliot is starting a Masters of Computing at the Australian National University, and will be going onto higher research.

Edge Elimination for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem

This project is about extending on the ideas of safe edge elimination from graphs and the investigation into vital edges with the purpose of finding the optimal solution to Travelling Salesman Problems. It will also look at using evolutionary computing techniques, such as memetic algorithms, to help find the vital edges in a variety of travelling salesman problems.

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