Elisa Tancredi

Elisa Saab, B.Science

Elisa Tancredi

La Trobe University


Elisa Tancredi is a mature-aged student at La Trobe University, completing her third year of a double major in Mathematics and Statistics. Apart from studying, Elisa is busy raising three young girls and also enjoys singing and playing the piano, a self-taught passion.

Her accomplishments at La Trobe include being awarded the Department prize in first and second year Statistics for most outstanding student, as well as being awarded a place on the Deans Honours list in 2013.

In recognition of her achievements, Elisa has been employed as a casual Statistics demonstrator at La Trobe University, allowing her to inspire her fellow peers. In her spare time, Elisa volunteers in a Mathematics recovery program at her daughters primary school. The combination of raising girls, together with her employment and volunteering has sparked her interest in Mathematics/Statistics Education, especially for young girls.

Elisa hopes to develop her knowledge whilst completing her AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship, looking at factors that affect success in Mathematics at La Trobe University. She has a keen interest in researching whether gender plays a specific role. Elisa plans to further her research in honours and eventually PhD, with a view to one day being an inspiring woman in Mathematics for the next generation of female mathematicians.

Factors Affecting Success In Mathematics At La Trobe University

The aim of this project is to model student outcomes in mathematics at La Trobe University, adjusting for covariates such as gender, to provide a sophisticated and rigorous analysis of the rich data sets recently made available. The student will be required to formulate and refine the questions to be asked of the data sets, and to learn and apply relevant statistical techniques on real-world data.

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