Student Profile: Edmund Lau

Edmund Lau 

The University of Melbourne


Edmund is a third-year student in University of Melbourne majoring in Mathematical Physics. He chose this field of study because he was fascinated by how mathematics can be elegant in and of itself and powerful in providing insight to understand various phenomena. He desires to continue to learn, explore and ultimately contribute in mathematical research and its applications.

Aside from, mathematics and physics, he is also interested and have worked in bioinformatics research, developing algorithm for DNA sequencing platforms as well as applying machine learning algorithms to biological problems. He is also interested in philosophy and enjoys to read literary work in his spare time.

Extending Stochastic Agent-Based Model for Evolutionary Dynamics of Phenotype-Structured Population

The project aims to extent the proof-of-concept stochastic agent-based model for evolutionary dynamics of phenotype-structured population. Prior model allows a derivation of a second order partial differential equation whose long-term solution lend theoretical support to many biological claims that were previously based solely on empirical ground.

The proposed improvements include:

  1. Allowing non-local phenotypic changes at each stage.
  2. Incorporating spatial variation (i.e. introducing a physical space variable)
  3. Introducing inter-strain competition to the multi-strain model.

I will aim to implement these changes, derive their analytical consequences as well as simulate the new model’s behaviour computationally.

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