David Ceddia

David CeddiaDavid Ceddia

Monash University


David is a student at Monash University, Clayton campus, Victoria. He is studying a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering with honors and a Bachelor of Science. David particularly enjoys the mathematics and physics components of his degree, further wishing to peruse these topics post completion of his undergraduate. Outside of studying David enjoys exercising, with particular focus given to flat water kayaking and surf life saving in which he competes.

Kinetic gas theory of bone cell activation with moving surfaces

Bone tissues are continually renewed by multicellular structures called basic multicellar units (BMUs) progressing through bone. Bone-resorbing cells at the front of a BMU create a temporary cavity which is subsequently refilled with new bone. These bone-resorbing cells maturefrom precursor cells in the cavity and become active when they reach the moving front of the cavity.The aim of this project is to develop a model of the maturation and activation of these bone-resorbing cells based on a continuous mathematical model of cell populations within BMUs. The model will employ a kinetic gas theory approach to describe and simulate the interplay between the activation of bone-resorbing cell at the cavity surface and the modification of this surface through the bone-resorbing cells’ actions.

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