Daniel Kon

Kon_Daniel 2Daniel Kon

The University of Adelaide


Daniel Kon is a third year student undertaking a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences, Advanced, at the University of Adelaide.  He is a second-generation Polish immigrant and Adelaide is his home town.  He is interested in pure mathematics, statistics and genetics. After finishing university, he will aim to work in the area of bioinformatics where these interests come together, and help make progress towards answering the current open questions in the field.

A Statistical Model For Missing Data In Proteomics Studies Of Gastric Cancer

Protein expression level studies suffer from missing data, commonly when the true expression level of a protein falls below the machine detection limit. The purpose of this research project is to use training and test datasets, and k-fold cross validation, to produce a statistical model to predict whether an expression datum is missing or observed in gastric cancer protein profiles. This project will also investigate factors that cause missingness of data values.

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