Campbell Wheeler

Campbell WheelerCampbell Wheeler

The University of Melbourne


My name is Campbell Wheeler. I’m currently finishing my undergraduate degree at The University of Melbourne. I majored in Mathematical Physics and have found it very hard to choose which area I wanted to study at a postgraduate level. My interest in Pure Mathematics helped me to decide and I’ve chosen to go down the line of Mathematics. My interest in physics has driven me to go into the study of topological quantum field theories. I find this kind of bottom up or mathematical approach to physics is very interesting and my aim is to gain some understanding of this area. I hope to continue study of this area of Mathematics and Physics into the near future.

Mirror symmetry and topological quantum field theory

The project would involve:

1. learning about TQFT

2. learning about topological recursion – one side of mirror symmetry – and how to implement in on a computer

3. taking known examples and looking for TQFT structure.

4. looking for consequences of the TQFT structure.

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