Student Profile: Bethany Phipps

Bethany Phipps 

The University of Adelaide


Bethany Phipps has just completed a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide. She is interested in Statistics, specifically Biostatistics. Six months of her undergraduate degree we spent studying at Bristol University in the UK where she thoroughly enjoyed traveling and meeting new people. She is hoping to pursue a Masters with an emphasis on Biostatistics in the coming year.

Survival Data Analysis for Improving Patient Outcomes

Longitudinal data arise when repeated measurements are made on patients over time and the analysis of these data represents an important area of medical statistics. The study will analyse data on patient outcomes from knee and hip replacement surgery conducted at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The aim of the study is to develop a statistical model, to predict post-operative patient pain and function using individual (pre-operative) patient multi-morbidity data. The ultimate purpose of the statistical analysis is to provide clinicians with a diagnostic tool for assessing the potential benefits of knee and hip replacement surgery for patients with multi-morbidities.

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