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Anna Vaughan is currently studying a Bachelor of Sciences and a Diploma of Languages at the University of Tasmania, majoring in Pure Mathematics, Physics and Chinese. She will graduate at the end of 2016 and plans to complete an honours year in 2017 and ultimately pursue postgraduate study in mathematics. Anna’s research interests are in the field of Mathematical Physics, particularly in String Theory. She is also interested in applications of mathematics in the study of Meteorology and Particle Physics. In her free time she enjoys sailing, playing violin and studying languages.

Introduction To String Theory

This project aims to give an introduction to String Theory and associated areas in Mathematical Physics. We will first study basic principles including relativistic strings, string parameterization and open and relativistic quantum open and closed strings. This completed we will survey more advanced topics including D branes, gauge fields, T-duality and string thermodynamics and black holes. In addition, we will look at related areas in Mathematical Physics including Gromov-Witten Theory and Gauge theory. This project will give a strong foundation for conducting research in String Theory and related areas at a postgraduate level.

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