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University of Technology Sydney


Andy Chu is a third year undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Science and Business majoring in Mathematics and Accounting at the University of Technology, Sydney. He is a recipient of the Dean’s Merit Award for Academic Excellence at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2014. With another year left in my undergraduate degree, he is keeping his options open with regards settling on a particular research field in mathematics, but he is leaning towards the applications of differential equations in a practical setting.

Modelling Of Absorbing Thin Film Optical Materials In The Presence Of Highly Conductive Gratings

We are interested in studying the interaction of light in the presence of a grating material. This has direct application towards improving the efficiency of solar panel outputs. The research aims to provide analytic solutions to this problem through the use of  the Helmholtz equation. There are two approaches to this problem, one taken by Andy Chu who will study the Neumann condition, while Logan Haami will study the Dirichlet condition of the problem.

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