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AStringfellowAmy Stringfellow

Queensland University of Technology


Amy Stringfellow is currently completing a dual Degree of Mathematics and Accountancy at the Queensland University of Technology; majoring of Applied and Computation Mathematics.

Amy has a love of mathematics and how the world around us can be modeled through mathematics. She believes strongly that maths can be used to better understand the world and through better models we can solve larger issues and make more intelligent decisions. Within this, Amy has a particular interest in how mathematics and our manner of presenting mathematics changes when considered with numerical techniques with the intention of computationally solving systems; and how in this manner mathematics and technology interacts. This is especially relevant to modelling complex relationships with differential equations and in particular PDE’s and solving for practical solutions.

In this research, Amy will explore her interest in the applications of the Navier-Stokes equations to dynamic systems and will investigate the application of a variation of this equation set to water droplet pearling.

Droplet Pearling

When small droplets of viscous fluid slide down an inclined plane, the droplets may travel with a constant shape and speed or evolve in a transient fashion, depending on the angle of incline. At some critical velocity, drops can develop a cusp at their trailing edge. For high velocities, a number of satellite droplets are emitted from the tail. This is called pearling. In this project, this process will be modelled by applying a thin film approximation which leads to a fourth order nonlinear parabolic pde for the film height.

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