Alex Ligthart-Smith


Alex Ligthart-Smith

La Trobe University


Alex is a third-year Bachelor of Science student at La Trobe University. She intends to begin Honours in Statistics mid-year 2016, possibly in the area of bioinformatics. Her academic interests also include discrete mathematics, machine learning, and optimisation. Alex has taken a somewhat convoluted path to her current degree, with past (incomplete) studies in Human and Behavioural Sciences and Sustainable Development, and a Certificate III in Technical Sound Production. After enrolling in a Physics major at La Trobe in 2013, Alex rediscovered her childhood love of numbers and hasn’t looked back since! Alex was honoured to receive the First Year Prize in Statistics for 2013, and has been involved in creating a new Mathematics and Statistics Society at La Trobe (LUMSS), of which she is Treasurer.

A Comparison Of Longitudinal Data Models That Include Time-Varying Covariates

This project compares the performance of the Rabe-Hesketh and Skrondal (2012) linear mixed model and the Curran and Bauer (2011) linear mixed model, by examining the coverage properties of the Wald confidence interval for the within effect of a time-varying covariate.

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