Albert Zhang


Albert Zhang

The University of Melbourne


Albert Zhang is a third year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Mathematical Physics at the University of Melbourne. Next year Albert plans to commence a Masters of Science specialising in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. Upon completing the AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship program he hopes to continue to conduct research in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics but also be involved with tertiary level education.

Outside his academic commitments Albert is a consultant with a non-profit organisation and tutors high school students. His other interests are in philosophy, education, volunteering and politics. When he gets an opportunity he can be found hiking or rock climbing.

Benchmarking A Novel Electromagnetic Scattering Method

A novel, robust and efficient method of studying electromagnetic scattering phenomenon has been developed. The student with a strong background and interest in differential equations, vector calculus, special functions and methods in mathematical physics as well a knowledge of electrodynamics will help to implement the efficient evaluation of analytical benchmark results. This is a well structured project with the opportunity to work in a team in Mathematics and Engineering to help validate computation results. The work program can extend to undertaking more complex calculations using boundary integral methods.

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