Aiden Suter

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The University of Queensland


Aiden Suter is a third year Bachelor of Science student at the University of Queensland (UQ) majoring in mathematics and is currently preparing to undertake an honours project in the area of mathematical physics. He was awarded a UQ Excellence Scholarship and has received five Dean’s Commendations for his studies. His research interests include the applications of representation theory and algebraic methods to mathematical physics and the mathematical foundations of modern physics, in particular quantum field theories such as conformal field theories..

Calculus Of Formal Distributions And Vertex Operator Algebras

This project aims to study and understand the calculus of formal distributions and their associated algebraic structures in the context of conformal field theories. In particular, the operator product expansion which is defined for pairs of formal distributions may be used to formulate an operator product algebra, specifically for this project, a vertex operator algebra which is a central structure in conformal field theory.

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