Adrian Peterson

Adrien PetersonAdrian Peterson

The University of Western Australia


I was born in 1993 Perth, Western Australia. Completed my Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, with majors in Pure Mathematics, Physics and Geology. My research interests include algebra, theoretical physics and geophysics. Co-author of Geophysical remote sensing of a historical aboriginal grave site in Quarading, Western Australia for the ASEG-PESA conference 2015. Outside of study my interests include surfing, cycling, outdoors and fitness.

Unique and Non-Unique Decomposition in Rings

The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic states that any integer can be written as the product of prime numbers and units. This decomposition is unique up to order and unit multiples. This project aims to investigate similar decomposition in rings, modules and ideals. Elucidation of the connections between the three sorts of decompositions may  lead to progress in the mysterious area of the structure of modules over a commutative ring based on the well known properties of decompositions of elements and ideals of the ring.

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