Student Profile: Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton 

The University of Adelaide


Adam is in his second year of a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences degree at the University of Adelaide. He plans to finish his degree in 2017 and undertake a Master’s degree in applied mathematics. Outside of his university studies Adam is an enthusiastic spelunker, scout leader and keen portrait artist.

When he was in his late teens Adam developed a deep fascination with puzzles, his favourite being retrograde analysis chess problems. Throughout high school he had no interest in mathematics. Instead he focused all of his time and effort into learning art with the intention of going to the Adelaide Central School of Art after graduation. Upon finishing high school Adam enrolled in a Certificate three in drawing and painting at Marden Senior College. During this time, he developed a strong fascination with Mathematics, teaching himself concepts not covered at school such as Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Group Theory. In addition to his artistic studies he would busy himself with solving mathematical puzzles from the Moscow Olympiad and the William Lowell Putman competition.  After completing his Certificate three Adam enrolled in a Mathematics degree at the University of Adelaide.

During his second year Adam started to focus on applied mathematics focusing his interest on problems in optimization, complexity theory and cryptography. It seemed only right that he would try and find himself a summer research project that would incorporate all three. He is grateful to his supervisor Associate Professor Matthew Roughan for taking the time and effort to supervise him over the course of his project.

Privacy Preserving Integer Linear Programming

The project involves studying various methods of privacy preserving optimisation applied to problems in integer linear programming between two parties. It is often the case that two parties may wish to optimise a given property, but due to legal or business reasons it would be ill-advised to release particular information that would be relevant to the constraints of the problem and the nature of the objective function.

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