AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships

Each year AMSI funds around 50 university students from AMSI Member universities around Australia to spend their summer holidays working on a research project with a supervisor. Each Vacation Research Scholar experiences life as a researcher as they complete a project, write up their results and present to peers and supervisors at the VRS student conference AMSIConnect, held in Melbourne at the end of the summer.

Many universities encourage their students to participate in the AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship program to prepare for honours or PhD coursework.

Click here to read Asem’s story and discover the benefits of participating in the AMSI VRS program.

What AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships offer you

The chance to:

  • Work on a real project in the mathematical sciences
  • Expand your research skills by working closely with a supervisor at your home university over six weeks, beginning in early December
  • Write up your research and present it at the end of the summer


  • Vacation Research Scholars are paid a stipend of A$500 per week through their home university (but are not university or AMSI employees)
  • Scholars also receive funded travel, accommodation and meals for AMSIConnect

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)

AMSI is the collaborative enterprise of Australia’s mathematical sciences. It exists to give independence to our disciplines and provide infrastructure so that we can take initiatives to the national and international stage. These measures fall largely into three classes – research and higher education, school education and engagement with the industrial and commercial world.

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